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Kitchen Cabinet Trends that are Here to Stay

What’s the first thing you see when you walk into any kitchen? The cabinets of course, because they’re eye-level and usually take up a lot of real estate. Installing new cabinets will make a positive impact in your overall kitchen design and it’s a smart upgrade that’ll increase the resale value of your home.

Each year, it’s a good idea to check in with the industry trends to see how your kitchen compares and determine what changes (if any) you want to make to your home. I did some digging and came up with what’s hot in kitchen cabinet design, by highlighting some of the key trends that have the experts talking. I think you’ll be interested in what I found.

Flashy Hardware & Under Cabinet Lighting

If you’re not totally satisfied with the look of your cabinets and know your budget can’t handle a complete remodel, then I suggest considering a hardware upgrade. Switch out your old handles with something a little more contemporary such as a brushed-nickel finish or square knobs in an elegant copper tone. These little details will make a big difference. Replacing your hardware is a cost-effective way to spruce up your cabinets while you save up for the bigger project.

Glass-Front Doors

In order to actually see the items you’ve placed under a spotlight, you need to install glass-front doors. These doors are becoming very common additions in kitchens everywhere. They give the eye a break from the wall-to-wall line of cabinets and keep the overall look light and fresh.

Your goal should be to create a focal point within the cabinet by displaying collectibles, dishes or glassware, and remember you can always add a spotlight. I’ve seen homeowners use clear glass and glass with designs for their cabinet doors, and both options look nice. It’s ultimately your decision which way you want to go!

Off-White & Dark Wood

Even though they’re opposing looks and colors, off-white and wood are getting the green light from professional designers and industry experts. Off-white is a home design color that’s never going to go out of style. It’s not only a safe way to go, but it’s classy. Neutrals add effortless elegance and natural brightness to a kitchen. Going this route also allows you unlimited possibilities with the rest of the kitchen colors and décor you choose.

Shaker Style

One of the most popular kitchen cabinet trends we’re seeing out there, besides traditional, is called the shaker style. It’s a simple, light and clean design that compliments just about any kitchen. The main feature of a shaker style cabinet is the square-paneled doors. I’ll get into this next, but there’s no reason you can’t mix a few of the different trends together in one kitchen for a unique, custom design.

Mixing & Matching

Installing kitchen islands that are different colors and shades from the cabinets is completely acceptable. White cabinets with a wood island or traditional white cabinets with a rich black island are just a few ways you can add warmth, richness and dimension to your kitchen design. These finishing touches break up the monotony that cabinets typically bring to a room.

If you don’t have a kitchen island or room to install one, then you have the option of using a contrasting color for a nearby hutch or installing sections of cabinetry in different colors or shades. The image above is a good example of how this idea comes together nicely when done right.

The structure of your cabinets and drawers can also be mixed and matched. Consider throwing in some open shelving or mixing types of storage. These little details will keep your kitchen looking fresh and help you avoid feeling like the space is heavy of all cabinets.

Maximize Storage, Function & Efficiency

I mentioned mixing and matching different types of storage above, but I’d like to dive into this trend a bit more. Kitchen cabinets are now coming fully equipped with pullout trays and bread boxes. Homeowners and designers are also taking full advantage of narrow spaces (i.e. a slim opening for cookie sheets vs. a false front).

Homeowners are also installing custom drawers that include such features as dividers, inserts and shelves for pots and pans. The main idea here is to be sure everything in the kitchen is fully functional, resourceful and as well-organized as possible.

An updated and organized kitchen is not something to be taken for granted. It takes hard work, but changing up your kitchen cabinets is also an exciting upgrade that will pay off in the long run!  Remember that it takes time to find the perfect fit. There are so many wonderful options out there, that I know you’ll find something that complements your style if you’re patient and persistent.

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